How We Get It Done.
How We Get It Done.

The SNAP Collections Process.

SNAP Collections is focused on recovering maintenance fees in the most cost-effective manner possible. Our specialized financial recovery skills for community associations include a gradual escalation of efforts designed to get the maximum return. We are respectful to homeowners, we have in-house counsel, collected amounts are paid weekly to the client and all costs and fees are deferred until a successful resolution. And if we don't collect, we don't get paid.

Here is a summary of the process:

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Working with us is easy.

Owners can pay:

Board and Management:

It takes experienced specialists to do all that – and SNAP offers the wherewithal to make it happen. And best of all, there are no out-of-pocket costs to the association. So find out more about SNAP Collections' specialized financial recovery skills for Community Associations.

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I greatly appreciate your understanding and high level of professionalism you have demonstrated since I started talking to you on December 8, 2008. It is people like you with your understanding and willingness to solve problemswho make a difference. Thank you for your time and I look forward to continue doing business with you and your company.
I saw your e-mail this week-end with the updated statement and I thank you so much for being so patient and understanding. At least there is still fewpeople in this world who you can count on. Thank you again.
Thank you so much for staying on top of this matter. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your diligence in pursuing this matter.
I am sorry to take your whole day and based on your timely and well written responses – I want to offer you a job!!
Muy agradecida por su ayuda.
Thank you! You are the best!
Truly a very cooperating person. Good to have someone like you in times like this. We have been property owners for 15 years and really deserve better treatment. You’re the best and we know you can help us.
Thanks for all your hard work…… Have a nice day
Thanks. You've been great. The check is in the mail. Cheers!!!
Nice talking to you earlier and thank you for being so helpful.
Your lending programs will be a huge help to my association clients. They will be very grateful to me for solving their problem, and I get to keep the account with the bank.
VP, South Florida Bank
They’re really filling a void, big-time. It gives the association a hell of a lot of breathing room.
President, Homeowners Association
They were a godsend for us…we have been a client since February 2007, shortly after our new condo board was chosen.
Treasurer, Condo Association
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