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Deceit & Theft In a Condo…Part 3 Busted.

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Of the three abandoned apartments that were being rented out one of them went to a tax deed sale and was purchased by a Mr. Hal Parker.  Of all the people in the world to buy this tax deed Tim, Joe & Rita wanted Mr. Parker to win this auction least of all.  Mr. Parker had credentials. He had serious credentials.  Aside from being a forensic CPA, Mr. Parker was also a retired investigator for the Internal Revenue Service and had irritable bowel syndrome which made him a very ill tempered man.   Since his retirement Mr. Parker amused himself by buying properties at tax deed sales, fixing them up, and renting them or selling them.  It was his hobby and he did not like people interfering with his hobbies.

Deceit and Theft In a Condo Association…Part 2 it gets worse!

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When we last left Tim, Joe and Rita they had committed a mountain of sins against their own community association. By having private board meetings they had violated state statutes. When they diverted rental revenue to their own bank account they were guilty of grand theft. When they drilled the locks on abandoned units and rented them out they committed an act of breaking and entering. Worst of all they had violated the trust of their neighbors and partners in Gonif Condo association, but this was just the beginning.

A Tale of Deceit and Theft In a Condo…Part 1 of a 3 part series

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Gonif Condo Association is a pretty nice place to live. It has 150 residential units and sits right on the oceanfront in Florida with some lovely amenities (pool, club room, front desk service and more). In Gonif Condominium lived three friends, Tim an engineer who was the President of the board, Joe who was an accountant and Rita a licensed Real Estate Sales associate. The board had only three members so when two of them resigned Tim (the board president) appointed Joe and Rita to serve on the board of directors with him. This did not bode well for the condo.